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India's No 1 Prominent Sticker Labeling Machine Manufacturer


N.K Industries is pioneer manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide range of sticker labeling machine like round bottle sticker labeling machine, Automatic Single Side Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine, Automatic Double Side Flat Bottle Sticker labeling machine, Ampoule Sticker labeling Machine, Automatic top side Self Adhesive Sticker labeling machine, Manual Bottle Sticker labeling machine and Square Bottle Wrap Around Sticker labeling Machine. In this era of rapid automation in modern packaging line, Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine has turn out to be imperative technology to augment brand consciousness of product in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Distilleries & Breweries, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Lube & Edible Oil, Pesticides, and Food etc.

Choosing of Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine is also mind-numbing task. And it get changes according to shape of container, output need of packaging line & number of sticker need to apply on the one container. So according to number of parameters, N.K Industries offer diverse range of sticker labelling machine according to the shape of container like Round bottle, Flat bottle, Oval bottle &  Ampoule & according to the output requirement.

How Sticker labeling machine generally works?

  • Sticker labelling machine is being equipped with PLC, HMI (Human Machine interface), Latest Servo motor with driver, gap sensor, product sensor. We mainly used highly quality metallurgical composition & CE certified electronics.
  • Machine conveyor will receive container from upstream machine and those container are already being filled and sealed, it will be separated by the feeding roller assembly to keep up the pre determined space between the two containers according to the label length and container diameter.
  • Label is placed on the container immediately when it will be sensed by the container sensor, it ensures instant adhesive of label's edge. Then it passes through the pressing unit resulting in precise registration and crease-free labeling application.
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