Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

Product Description

Ampoule Visual Inspection machine

N.K Industries based in Ahmedabad, india is leading manufacturer, exporter of range of Ampoule visual inspection machine. N.K Industries manufactures state of art Ampoule Visual Inspection machine Model NKAIM-60 ,which are used in injectable formulation plants to carry out stringent inspection of liquid contained by Ampoule with nominal human intervention. This particular model is also reasonably helpful for checking of Vial (up to 30 ml vial) with change parts.

The inimitable facet / expertise of Ampoule visual inspection machine is high spinning of Ampoules which generate vortex in liquid in order to detect particle impurities in liquid. 


  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Specification
  • Add On Feature
  • Applicable Industries
  • Total CGMP Model & Maintenance Free Operation.
  • All Contact Parts Are AISI 304.
  • Ampoules Can Be Effortlessly Mass Loaded In Hopper.
  • 6 Nos Of Ampoule Spinner To Achieve Higher Speed. Rotation Of Spinners Can Be Adjusted To Give Desired Vortex In Liquid.
  • Magnified View With Back Light Illumination For Coherent Real-time View Of Six Ampoules.
  • Modular & Compacted Ejection System
  • Facility Of Repeat Cycle.
  • LED As Well Buzzer Assisted Safe Rejection.
  • Two Inbuilt Counters For Monitoring Of Production. I.e. 1 Counters For Total Production Status And Another Counter For Rejection Unit.
  • All Electrical & Brought Out Items Are Of CE Certified.


Type Of Machine

Inspection Of Vial And Ampoule With Minimum Human Intervention

Ampoule Diameter Range (mm)

10 Mm To 15 Mm

Ampoule Height (mm)

55 To 125 Mm

Speed (Ampoule Per Minute)

60 To 70 Ampoules Per Minute Depending Upon The Human Proficiency.

Power Consumption (KW)

1 KW

Electrical Connection

230 V, Single Phase , 50 HZ

Machine Dimension (L X W X H) Mm

1530 X 1200 X 1575

Ampoule Loading

Through Tray In Hopper

Net Weight (KG)

500 KG


  • Automatic Rejection System


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Injectable 



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