Injectable Vial Dry Powder Filling Machine With Online Weighing System

Product Description

N.K Industries with severing the customer a latest technology has developed the new innovative solution for powder filling which is injectable vial dry powder filling machine with 100% online weighing system. In this new technology of machine , there are 2 nos of weighing module installed on first star wheel in filling section where 1st weighing module will measure the empty bottle weight and 2nd weighing module will measure the gross weight (i.e. Total weight of bottle including the filled volume). Human machine interface will display the net weight, gross weight as well as empty weight. If the dosage is not meeting to the accepted criteria of weight tolerance limit then it will be rejected.

The most significant feature of the machine is auto rejection system where container with wrong dosage get rejected and equipped with prominent feature known as No Vial – No Fill system.

  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Specification
  • Add On Feature
  • Applicable Industries
  • Compact Footprint Where Different Modules Like Turntables, Filling And Rubber Stoppering / Screw Capping Are Assembled As One Unit With Minimum Space Requirement.
  • CGMP Design.
  • Equipped With 2 Nos Of Weighing Module For Empty And Gross Weight
  • 100% Online Weighing System.
  • Wrong Dosage Vial Get Automatically Rejected.
  • Completely Electronically Driven.
  • Highly Precise Powder Dosing System Based On Vacuum -pressure.
  • Simple, Fast And Repeatable Changeover.
  • Positive Vial Transport System I.e. Vial Separator Guide Vials Through Module Like Filling, Stoppering Ensuring They Remain Upright During Transport.
  • Parts Come In Contact With Sterile Powder & Rubber Stoppers Are Of AISI 316L.
  • Multiple Dosing Through HMI.
  • “NO VIAL NO FILL” Scheme Eliminates Wastage Of Costly Powder.
  • Special Delrin Conveyor Belt To Avoid Sticking Of Vial On Conveyor.
  • All Electronics Are Of CE Certified.
  • Autonomous Pneumatic Circuit I.e. Vacuum And Pressure Circuit.
  • Vacuum Filter Of 10 Micron And Air Filter Of 2 Micron.
  • The Electrical System Of The Equipment Is Being Housed As Per CGMP And CGEP Standards With Adequate Safety
  • Digital Vacuum And Pressure Switch For Monitoring Vacuum And Air.

Filling Speed

50 Vials/minute Based On 5-10ml Vial For Single Dosage
(Depending Up On Size/types Of Vial & Powder Density)


Left To Right


100 Mg To 1.5 Grams. Single Dose (with Change Parts)
1.5 Grams To 6 Grams. Double, Triple And Four Doses.
Fill Range Depending Upon Vial Opening And Bulk Density Of Powder. Under Controlled Level Of Humidity (i.e. 25%)

Dosing Wheel


Dosing Port / Wheel

8 Nos

Fill Accuracy

±2% Depending Upon Consistency And Uniformity Of Bulk Density Of Injectable Powder

Product Conveyor

50 Mm (2") Wide Delrin Conveyor

Powder Suction

Through Vacuum

Powder Delivered

Through Air/Nitrogen (Customer To Provide)

Stopper Delivered

Through Vibratory Bowl & Chute

Machine Dimension

1830 (mm) X 915 (mm) X 1600 (mm)

  • Toughened Glass Safety Cabinet
  • Dust Extractor System
  • Audit Trail System
  • Pharmaceutical
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