Automatic Twist Off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping Machine

Product Description

Automatic Twist off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine

N.K Industries is leading manufacturer of Automatic Twist off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine which is severing the wide range of industries like Food, Beverages and Pickle Manufacturing Unit.The Automatic Twist off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine Model NKTVC-100 is capable of vacuum capping of the bottles with lug or twist-off caps as well as of those not necessarily to be vacuumed. Machine is applicable in wide range of industries like pickle unit, food, beverage and chemical sector. With its unique design & extensive scope of application, machine is intended for capping Glass bottles & caps in varied sizes only by simple adjustment instead of parts replacement.

The Unique feature of machine is "No Bottle - No Cap system" along with other features like compact design, smooth running, low noise, efficient energy consumption, simple operation, easy adjustment, maintenance and cleaning and higher degree of automation. The Automatic Twist off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine decreases air pressure inside a bottle by means of high-speed steam injection tightens the bottle cap & then vacuums the bottle by flushing cold water over bottle.  The machine comes with unique vibrator feeder for Lug cup and as a optional waterfall type Cap feeder elevator also available.

  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Specification
  • Add On Feature
  • Applicable Industries
  • Machine Structure Is Made Of AISI 304.
  • CGMP & Compact Model.
  • A Special Background Suppression Sensor Stops Machine Automatically In The Event, There Is No Screw Cap In Delivery Chute.
  • Parabola Tracking Sliding Principal To Obtain Unidirectional Caps From Vibrator Feeder.
  • Various Cap Feeding Option Available Like Vibrator Feeder System, Or Water Fall Type Cap Feeder Elevator.
  • Machine Comes With Pre-sealing Assembly, Sealing Assembly, Steam Piping, Cooling Water Assembly, Exhaust Ventilation Assembly
  • Fast Format Changeover From One Size Of Container To Other Size Due To Use Of Custom Designed Part.
  • 6 Digit Precise Counting Arrangement Helps To Manage Production Process.
  • Outfitted With Emergency Button For Safety Concern.
  • All Electrical & Brought Out Items Are Of CE Certified.


Left To Right


Twist Off Cap , POP Up Cap ,Lug Cap

Cap Diameter

30-85 Mm

Bottle Diameter

Up To 160 Mm

Bottle Height

65 To 260 Mm

Machine Speed

50 Bottle Per Minute

Steam Requirement

180 To 230 KG/ Hour

Rated Steam Pressure



5 HP

Machine Dimension

1800mm (L) ×1100mm (W) ×2000mm (H)

Machine Weight

1000 KG

  • Castor Wheel For Easy Mobility In Packaging Line.
  • PLC - HMI Interface.
  • Cap Feeder Elevator.
  • Food,
  • Beverages,
  • Pickle Manufacturing Unit
  • Chemical


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