Single Head Automatic Auger Powder Filling Machine

Product Description

Automatic Single Head Auger Powder filling machine Model NKAPF-100 is single head automatic auger filler with conveyor for filling of powder , granules etc. The Machine feature superior synchronization between filling and indexing system. The machine can deliver higher output up to 30 Bottle per minute for 5 gms and 10 gms filling.


Automatic Single head Auger powder filling machine features the Electromagnetic Clutch break system for controlling auger rotation and subsequent filling and as a optional, it can be made available with Servo motor with driver for attaining very high precision. Machine can be made available with special system for non flowing powder filling.

  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Specification
  • Add On Feature
  • Applicable Industries
  • All Contact Parts In AISI 316L Or Food Grade Material.
  • Structure & All Exposed Parts & Structure Cladded Or Covered With AISI 304.
  • Works On Auger Metric Principle With Either Clutch / Servo Mechanism For Precise Operation
  • High Productivity Because Of Fast And Reliable Synchronization Between filling And Indexing Systems
  • Weight Variation: Less Than +/- 1.0 % Subject To The Powder Nature, Fill Weight & Speed.
  • Minimum Change Parts, Hence Quick Changeover.
  • No Change Part Require For Change In Bottle Height
  • Virtually No Powder Loss – Precise Alignment By A Positive Holding Mechanism Ensures That The Nozzle And The Bottles Are Perfectly Aligned Thus Ensuring No Powder Loss.
  • Variable Speed For Slat Conveyor – The Speed Of The Slat Conveyor Can Be Controlled With A/C Variable Motor Thus Falling Of Bottles Is Totally Eliminated.
  • No Dripping – Drip Control Mechanism To Control Dripping After Completion Of Dosing.
  • Lower Cost Of Production – Since Requirement Of Labour, Space And Support Facilities Is Minimal.
  • Simple Operation – Easy To Operate & Maintain
  • High Operational Comfort – Since All Parts Are Easily Accessible And Controls Are Conveniently Located.
  • Long Life – Sturdy Robust Design, Sophisticated Manufacturing Techniques And Better Material Of Construction Ensures Long And Trouble-free Life.
  • Ease Of Maintenance – Due To Less Number Of Moving Parts.
  • No Bottle – No Fill Mechanism- To Avoid Wastage Of Medicament In Absence Of Bottle.

Machine Direction

Left To Right

Production Rate

Output And Accuracy Of The Machine Is Subjected To Flow Property Of The Powder And Other Related Conditions. But For Calculation Purpose Usually 5 Gms Of Filling Gives An Output Of 30 BPM.

Fill Volume (Range)

5 Gms To 500 Gms

Bottle Diameter

25 MM To 80 MM MAX.

Filling Accuracy

+/- 1.0 % Subject To The Powder Nature, Fill Weight & Speed.

Hopper Capacity

18 Liter

Power Consumption

1.5 HP

Power Connection

415 VAC, 50 Hz ,3PH + N

Machine Dimension

(L X W X H ) MM

1530 Mm X 915 Mm X 1600 Mm

  • Dust Extraction System
  • Acrylic Safety Cabinet.
  • Non Free Flow Powder Feeding System.
  • PLC – HMI Interface With Audit Trail Facility
  • Servo Filling Head.
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics


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