Automatic Double Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine

Product Description

Automatic Double Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine

N.K Industries based in Ahmedabad, India is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Automatic Double head injectable dry powder filling machine Model NKPF-240 , which is intermittent motion micro powder dosing machine for dosing sterile powders at mechanical speeds of 240 Vial per minute. The powders are filled into Glass Vial using a distinctive vacuum -pressure dosing system. After that, the glass vials are sealed with a rubber stopper.

The compact size, cGMP design & ergonomic features make Automatic single head injectable dry powder filling machine an outstanding solution for Micro powder dosing in to vial. The Unique feature of machine is No Vial – No Fill system which eradicates wastage of costly powder. It is also equipped with No Vial- No Rubber Stopper System too using state of the Art fiber optic sensor. Machine is available with digital pressure switch and Vacuum switch as an add-on feature over Convention analog gauge with feature like Low Air pressure – Machine stop and Low Vacuum – Machine stop.

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Below Are State Of Salient Features Are Inbuilt In Our Range Of Automatic Double Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine:
  • Compact Footprint Where Different Modules Like Turntables, Filling And Rubber Stoppering Are Assembled As One Unit With Minimum Space Requirement.
  • CGMP Design.
  • Highly Accurate Powder Dosing System Based On Vacuum -pressure.
  • Simple, Fast And Repeatable Changeover.
  • Positive Vial Transport: Vial Separator Guide Vials Through Module Like Filling, Stoppering Ensuring They Remain Upright During Transport.
  • Parts Come In Contact With Sterile Powder & Rubber Stoppers Are Of AISI 316L.
  • Multiple Dosing Of Injectable / Sterile Powder Or Changeover Of Container Size And Different Fill Size Is Possible By Just Changing The Vial Separator Or Size Of The Piston Respectively
  • “NO VIAL NO FILL” Scheme Eliminates Wastage Of Costly Sterile Powder.
  • Unique Delrin Conveyor Belt To Circumvent Sticking Of Vial On Conveyor.
  • All Electronics Are Of CE Certified.
  • Sovereign Pneumatic Circuit I.e. Vacuum And Pressure Circuit.
  • Vacuum Filter Of 10 Micron And Air Filter Of 2 Micron.
  • Digital Vacuum And Pressure Switch For Monitoring Vacuum And Air.


Filling Speed

240 Vials/minute Based On 5-10ml Vial For Single Dosage
(Depending Up On Size/types Of Vial & Powder Density)


Left To Right


50 Mg To 1.5 Grams. Single Dose (with Change Parts)
1.5 Grams To 6 Grams. Double, Triple And Four Doses.
Fill Range Depending Upon Vial Mouth Diameter And Bulk Density Of Powder. Under Controlled Level Of Humidity (i.e. 25%)

Dosing Wheel


Dosing Port / Wheel

8 Nos

Fill Accuracy

±2% Depending Upon Consistency And Uniformity Of Bulk Density Of Injectable Powder

Product Conveyor

50 Mm (2") Wide Delrin Conveyor

Powder Suction

Through Vacuum

Powder Delivered

Through Air/Nitrogen (Customer To Provide)

Stopper Delivered

Through Vibratory Bowl & Chute

Machine Dimension

(L X W X H ) MM

2100 (L) X 1170 (W) X 1600 (H)


Following Add On Features are Avilable For Automatic Double Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine:
  • Toughened Glass Or Acrylic Safety Cabinet For Machine.
  • Media Filling Attachment.
  • Pre And Post Gassing Unit.
  • PLC- HMI Interface With Complete Interlock Management
  • Audit Trial Facility.
  • Laminar Air Flow.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Injectable 



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