Steam Shrink Tunnel

Product Description

N.K Industries based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is Pioneer Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of range of High-Quality Steam Heat Shrink Tunnel. Automatic Steam Heat Shrink Tunnel MODEL: NKSHST-50 is used to shrink sleeve label on body of round plastic container.These machines work with variety of sleeve label made from PVC, PP, PETG and OPS films. Machine comes along with Steam Generator as optional. Machine is composed of AISI 304 make Slat conveyor for feeding of the container. Speed of the Conveyor can be varied through provided speed port on the operating panel. Sleeve label has to be placed manually on plastic container and together they need to put on the conveyor.

  • Salient Feature
  • Technical Specification
  • Applicable Industries

Following Are The State-of-the-art Salient Features Of Steam Heat Shrink Tunnel

  • Compact & GMP Model
  • Parts Coming In Contact With Bottle Are Made Out Of AISI 304.
  • Machine Frame Is Made From High Quality AISI 304 Material.
  • All Gear Motor And Gear Box Are Of CE Certified.
  • Steam Tunnel Made Up From S.S.304.
  • S.S. Heavy Duty Heaters In Steam Generator
  • S.S. Water Storage Tank With Mechanical Float Valve For Safety
  • Modular Steam Flow Pipe Can Set As Per Bottle Size And Shape
  • Proper Shrink The Sleeve From All Sides Of Container Without Melting
  • Adjustable Type Steam Pipe For Long Lasting Operation And Added Flexibility
  • Simplified Steam Manifold And Independently Control Of Steam Flow.
  • Blower With Adjustable Excess Steam Exhaust Window.
  • Moisture Collection: Integrated Drip Tray And Steam Collection.
  • Variable Speed Modular Delrin Slat Chain Conveyor
  • Both Side Door Give Easy Accessibility To Inside Of Tunnel For Maintenance.






Machine Operating Direction

Left To Right


Up To 80 Container / Min Depending Upon The Container Size

Container Size

300 Mm (H) X 200 Mm Dia.

Tunnel Size ( L X W X H) METER

2.0 X 0.5 X 0.5

Conveyor Size

2.5 Mtr. (L) X 100 Mm (W) X 850 Mm (H) Conveyor

Steam Capacity

Max. 24 Kg/ Hrs. (Temp. 80-95 Degree)

Electrical Rating

27- KW, 3 Phase Electric Supply, 440 ± 5 V AC, 50Hz Earth & Neutral

Floor Space Requirement

Approximately 1mtr From All Sides Of The Machine. Hence, Clearance Of 1mtr Should Be Added To The Actual Size Of The Machine.

Operator Requirement

1 Skilled/ Semi-Skilled


·    Container & Sleeve Should Be Of Good Quality.

·    Operator Should Understand The Working Of The Machine Properly.

·    Filter Water Supply For Steam Generator

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Pesticides
  • Chemical
  • food And Beverages
  • Liquor
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