Iv Infusion Bottle Packaging Line


Manual Vial / Bottle Inspection Machines are economical series of vial/ bottle inspection machine. They are equipped with black & white board with proper illumination in order to check the impurities in filled vial/ bottles.Machine is designed in such a way that machine conveyor is made of three partition. Main middle portion of conveyor receive vials from upstream machine for inspection & two side conveyors taking out checked vials & transport them for auxiliary processing to downstream machine.


Automatic Measuring Cup Placing Machine

The series of Automatic Measuring Cup Placing machines are dedicated series for applying measuring type cap on IV Bottles in pharmaceutical companies. Machine is suitable for Round or other shape of Plastic, PET, LDPE and HDPE Bottles.

This series of machine are available in speed of 150 Bottles per minute & 300 bottles per minute though output is depend upon Bottle Diameter/ Height / Shape and Measuring Cup / Cap Size. The unique feature of the series is No Bottle – No Cup system.

The leak test machine is used for checking of leakage and to be check of capacity of joint of filled IV fluid plastic bottles. This is inline checking system with visual inspection and sticker labeling machine and packing conveyor belt.

An IV Plastic bottle Leak Check machine is equipment consisting of special stainless steel conveyer belt with hook system, Rotary Bottle forwarding assembly, Hylum wheel with rubber belt and spring loaded pressure assembly and drive unit. The Leak check machine has stainless steel structure with moving S.S. slat chain. Structure made out of S. S. square pipe & supported on adjustable bolts.


The central S.S. conveyor belt brings the filled IV fluid plastic bottle from manually loaded in hopper and further transfer by special conveyor belt one by one to rotary wheel. These bottles are automatically one by one transfer to rotary forwarding wheel & further on the Hylum wheel for pressurized checking. The pressure on the bottle is to be set as per requirement these system work on spring loaded. Due the pressure on the IV Plastic bottle the leak bottle will more leaked with pressurized flow of material so it is easily visualized inspect and it will be manually rejected and ok bottles are conveyor to further process for sticker labeling. Also if any joint of plastic bottles are weak then it will be leak due to pressure and rejected.

The Automatic Top Side Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine Model NKSAL-150T is used to apply the label on top side of Round / Oval / Flat shape of products. it can be used to apply the label on products like cartons, Batteries , Bottles ,Cassette’s ,IV Bottles, Blister Pack, Pouches, Soap etc. The Machine incorporates newest refined Servo controlled Label Dispensing system with outstanding sensing system for Label & container. For Container Sensing, it uses special background Suppression Sensor. The distinctive feature of this machine is “No change parts” required for different diameter of containers & adding up; tool less adjustment in order to adjust various size containers therefore down time is very less. It’s capable of Labelling up to 150 bottle per minute depending on Container diameter and label size.

The Automatic Top side Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Model NKSAL-150T has elite single point synchronized speed control system. The Inbuilt Automated Label Length detection systems eradicate need for physically feeding & storing of Label Length data in memory & retrieving same every time for change of Label Size & re-starting machine. Thus result in reducing downtime as well as improving production. 


The Carton Packaging conveyor belt receive container/ products from the primary upstream packing line like after inspection/ labelling/ blister/ strip machine. After that operator in turn pickup these bottles/products and putting them manual in Carton and complete the secondary packaging.


Carton Packing conveyor belt consists of table top & 9" wide PVC coated canvas endless belt at the centre. The table top is covered with AISI 304 Sheet & width of the table is 33". It is mounted on AISI 304 structure. It is driven by induction motor coupled with suitable reduction gear box. The complete drive mechanism is enclosed in an elegant cabinet. The speed of the belt is 30 ft to 40 ft/min.

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