N.K Industries is pioneer manufacturer of range of Filling and capping machine since 3 decade. Being a leading manufacturer, N.K Industries is rated top supplier of Monoblock Filling and capping machine in UAE.

This is monoblock filling and capping machine.



·   Speed: 40 Bottle per minute for free flowing liquid.

·   Combined unit : volumetric filling (4 head) + Screw capping (1 head)

Salient Feature:

This Automatic Monoblock Filling and Capping machine is having following features inbuilt

·   Total cGMP model.

·   Customer has wide range of syinge option available and cap fill from 10 ml to 500 ml in single strock.

·   Comprise of 4 head filling syringe based filling and 1 head screw capper

·   Volumetric filling syringe (4 nos) capable to fill 30 ml volume

·   No cross contamination.

·   Quick & easy change-over between formats.

·   filling accuracy of ± 1 % can be obtained

·   No special tools needed for format changes.

·   Tool less Guide rail adjustment.

·   The parts in contact with the fluids are AISI 316 made.

·   Integrated Single Head Screw capper.

·   Cap feeding through cap feeder orientator

·   Specially design Jaw type head for torque adjustment. (Due to this there shall be no damage to the thread of the cap and correct cap application is done. SO there will be no complaint for loose capping)


List of Interlock:


Machine is equipped with following interlock.

·   GMP Model

·   No Bottle – No Fill

·   No Bottle – No Cap

·   Out feed Jam – Machine stop

·   Emergency – Machine stop

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