The Ultimate Guide To Ropp Capping Machine

What is ROPP Cap?

Before understanding ROPP Capping machine or application, it is supremely important to know about what is ROPP Cap.

ROPP Cap is a type of bottle closure & its full form is Roll on Pilfer Proof. It is kind of Metal cap generally made using fine grade of Aluminium as Aluminium imparts the benefit of ductility. It must be frazzled that, in practice, there is no such thing as pilfer proof, only there is tamper evidence & there have been many cases wherein Ropp capped wine bottle later on replaced with cold tea, with no evidence of entry between cap and bottle. ROPP Caps are widely used in a type of industries like pharmaceutical, distilleries, wine and beverage etc.

How ROPP Cap applied?

A ROPP Cap is applied as a cap with cylindrical cross section and no thread. When ROPP Cap applied over bottle at that time, the cap is distorted over the thread of a bottle and base of cap get deformed around securing ring in the bottle neck.

Machinery for applying ROPP Cap:

Machinery which is used to apply ROPP caps is called an ROPP capping machine. There are wide ranges of ROPP Capping machine available & they can be selected based on the output requirement of the production line.

How typical ROPP Capping machine work:

The basic working of ROPP Capping machine is divided among the following assembly of machine.

·       in feed conveyor

·       Feed worm assembly

·       Star wheel assembly

·       Cap feeder unit

·       Capping Turret

Continuously fed from upstream machine to the in feed conveyor belt of ROPP Capping machine and move further through in feed worm for correct spacing between two bottles and transferred to the in feed star wheel.

Meanwhile, ROPP caps kept in cap feeder unit like orientation unit or vibrator feeder unit which automatically orient caps in right direction before entering into delivery chute. And Bottle is entering below the sealing head, consist of total four rollers.

Two rollers properly Skirts, Spins and Seals the cap and simultaneously another two roller performs perfect threading according to bottle neck diameter.

After sealing operation, ROPP sealing head moves upward with help of cam and bottle move with exit star wheel and Move further on conveyor belt for next operation.

Type of ROPP capping machine in Market:

Today in Industry, ROPP Capping machine are available in various configuration from Semi automatic to Multi head configuration in order to contest production requirement.

Economical ROPP capping machine:

Economical ROPP Capping machine are also known as Semi Automatic ROPP Capping machine. Semi automatic ROPP Capping machine is appropriate Engineering solution for start-up industries where production demand is low & qualitative ROPP Sealing / capping required. The machine can deliver 30 Bottle per minute output depending upon operator competence. Qualitative ROPP Capping result due to use of motorized sealing head. 

Automatic Single Head ROPP capping machine:

The Automatic Single Head ROPP Capping machine is extension to that of Economical ROPP Capping machine which adopts single motor which is concise & synchronizes conveyor, star wheels, platform turret. Automatic Single Head ROPP Capping machine R can deliver 50 Bottle per minute output depending upon container Diameter.

Multi head ROPP Capping Machine:

The Series of Automatic Multi Head Rotary ROPP Capping Machine contain various models like 4 head ROPP Capping machine, 6 head ROPP Capping machine, 8 head ROPP Capping machine, 12 Head ROPP Capping machine & Particular Model can be selected according to output requirement. Output speed is from 100 containers per minute to 300 containers per minute.




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