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Injectable Dry Powder Vial Filling Line 120 Speed

N.K Industries representing Series of Automatic Linear Vial washing Machine (Tunnel Type) are specifically dedicated to cleansing of injectable vials, resulting from specific research into the decontamination of containers for injectable use. The Series of Automatic Linear Vial washing Machine (Tunnel Type) contain various models & Particular Model can be selected according to output requirement. Output speed is available from 60 to 400 vials per minute.

The Automatic vial washing Machine (Tunnel Type) can work with a variety of vial range from 2ml to 100 ml vial with minimum format parts. These models are equipped with 8 internal washes and 2 outside washes in order to guarantee e complete washing / cleaning. Internal washing done with various entities like Compressed Air, Re-circulated water, Fresh DM Water & Fresh WFI water. Outside surface washing done with Re Circulated water & Fresh WFI water.Washing sequence can be modified as per the customer requirement.


N.K Industries ‘s ISO  class 5  continuous  Sterilization Tunnel  is  basically  a  fully  automated  system  which  utilizes  dry  heat  by  means  of  forced  convection  of  filtered  air  through  high  efficiency  particulate  air  filter  to  achieve  sterilization  of  washed  empty  pharmaceutical  glasswares  used  for  parenterals  product  packaging. N.K Industries ‘s  continuous  dry  heat  Sterilization Tunnel  ensures  glassware  is  exposed  to  depyrogenation  temperature  for  time  required  for  the  necessary  reduction  in  endotoxins  which  at  bare  minimun  is  >  log  3 at  rated  output.

N.K Industries continuous  dry  heat  Sterilization Tunnel  can  be  used  as  a  standalone  unit  or  can  be  supplied  configured  for  easy  integration  with washing machine  at  its  upstream  side  and  filling  -  sealing  machine  at  its downstream  side  thereby  forming  high  speed  -  high  yield  parenteral  product  packaging  line. 

The forced conventional dry Sterilization Tunnel consists of Drying Zone to evaporate the wash water from glassware. The sterilizing Zone sterilizes the glassware at 300 0c (apprx). And the third section consists of cooling and sterilizing zone to restore the glassware temperature to ambient.



N.K Industries offers Automatic single head injectable dry powder filling machine Model NKPF-120 , which is intermittent motion micro powder dosing machine for dosing sterile powders at mechanical speeds of 120 Vial per minute in vials. The powders are filled into Glass Vial using a unique vacuum -pressure dosing system. After that, the glass vials are sealed with a rubber stopper.

The compact size, cGMP design & ergonomic features make Automatic single head injectable dry powder filling machine an outstanding solution for powder dosing.The Unique feature of machine is No Vial – No Fill system which eradicates wastage of costly powder.



Vial Capping machine

The series of Multi head Rotary Vial Capping Machine are dedicated to the capping of vials for injectable products which is very critical part of the production process, since they guarantee hermetic seal & hence integrity of the drug inside the container. Depending upon the output requirement, these series of Multi head rotary vial capping machine are available in assorted configuration like 4 head, 6 head, 8 head & 12 head. The series of multi head Rotary vial capping machines can deliver output of 120 Vials per minute to 400 vials per minute depending upon selected configuration.

Multi head Rotary Vial Capping Machine are incessant motion rotary machines for application & sealing of conventional flip-off caps & tear-off cap. The Unique features of machine is “No Vial - No Capping” system & Gradual pressure sealing (GPS) system. Due to GPS system, sealing quality is of fine quality & they guarantee perfect hermetic seal. Rotary Vial capping machine are designed to promise a capping process with lowest particle generation & these machines are suitable for installation in conventional type contamination-controlled environments & under isolator.

In Sequence of Working of Vial Capping machine , First Load the Sufficient caps in Vibratory Bowl. The Vials are received from in feed of conveyor and moved to feed worm assy. through the slat conveyor. Feed worm will create space between two vials, before it is moved in in-feed star wheel.Vibratory bowl feeds the cap into the cap chute continuously. If there is no sufficient caps in chute, NO-CAP sensor (Fiber optic Sensor) will give signal to control panel & Machine will Stop. Now, at In feed star vial index further, take a cap from chute and transfer to Main capping turret unit. capping head & Turret rotate clockwise, move down the cam operated capping head one by one with cap die, hold the vial with cap, rotate further and sealing chuck will make a thread on cap & seal it properly.After completion of cap sealing procedure at rotary capping station, capping head moves up and release the sealed vial. Now at out feed star plate, neat and cleaned capped vials will index further and transfer to discharge end of conveyor.Finally, vial moves to the other on-line connected machine through the conveyor. Totalizer (Counter) will give information of Total No. of capped/sealed vials.


Our series of online optical Roller Vial Inspection machine comprises of two models according to the need of production. One model can deliver speed of 120 vial per minute and other one 240 vial per minute. In Chronology of operation, Filled and sealed vials will be loaded & unloaded on in-feed & out-feed of Turn Table; then vials are conveyed through the Roller conveyor. Operator will pick up manually vials form Conveyor track & check it in front of black & white background under light. After inspection, operator will put ok vials for next operation i.e. labelling and put rejected vials manually in Rejected Collection Box.


N.K Industries is pioneer in manufacturing the range of Turntables. Turntable is generally used for transfer of various types of Vials, Bottles and Jars on any Powder Filling, Liquid Filling or Tablet Bottle Packing Lines. Turntable can be used with any machine for collection or feeding of products & used to change the total line direction for “L” shape or “U” shape movement of line or for Linear movement of line but it can works as a buffer system, If any of machines stop during the online operation, Turn Table can collect the out feed product from machine or similarly can feed the products to machine without interrupting the complete line. Turn Table is available in various diameter as per detail mentioned below of 600, 750, 900 or 1200 mm as per customers requirement.

  • NKTR-24 : 600mm Diameter
  • NKTR -30 : 750mm Diameter
  • NKTR -36 : 900mm Diameter
  • NKTR -48 : 1200mm Diameter

N.K Industries based in Ahmedabad, India is prominent manufacturer, supplier & exporter of range of Sticker Labeling Machine. The Automatic Vertical Self-Adhesive Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Model NKSAL-120 is used for Full / Partial Wrap around Labeling on different size of round containers like Pet Bottle, Plastic Bottle, Glass Bottle, Wine bottle, Vial. This highly Advanced Round Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine incorporates newest refined Servo controlled Label Dispensing system with outstanding sensing system for Label & container. For Container Sensing, it uses special background Suppression Sensor. The distinctive feature of this machine is “No change parts” required for different diameter of containers & adding up to it tool less adjustment in order to adjust various size containers therefore down time is very less. It’s capable of Labeling up to 120 units per minute depending on Container diameter and label size.

The Automatic Vertical Self-Adhesive Round bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Model NKSAL-120 has elite single point synchronized speed control system. The Inbuilt Automated Label Length detection systems eradicate need for physically feeding & storing of Label Length data in memory & retrieving same every time for change of Label Size & re-starting machine. Thus, result in reducing downtime as well as improving production. The heart of the Bottle Sticker labeling machine is the labelling dispenser head. N.K Industries’s with its long experience in field of machine design has incorporate the special label roll guider, Aluminium sticker label roll holding plate to impart the finest performance in industries.


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